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Dina is a lover of all things galactic, art, energy, fairy, dragon, and everything magical.
Dina has been on a healing journey for at least 29 years. Through this process, she has discovered her gifts as a channeler of divine wisdom and an intuitive painter. Adding the most recent layer of the Sophia Dragons she realized she was channeling these higher frequency energies through her paintings. Dina channels soul language, healing light, and activation codes with the use of her voice, drumming, movement, and painting. As if this magic was not enough, she is also tapping into the akashic field and can assist others with a deeper connection with themselves, in the realms of creativity, perspective shifts, sovereignty, and embodiment.
Dina is certified and attuned in; Celtic dragon Reiki and Sekhem empowerment. She uses these key codes to activate and assist others to unlock their own abilities and unique expression. 
She is an activation artist with the intention to serve her clients and the collective with authenticity.  Every session is personalized and can include intuitive card reading, painted light code, spoken soul language, and shamanic singing and drumming.
You can find her links to book individual sessions here.

Holon $333.JPG


July Sale  Save 44%

$333 $188

VIOLET $444.jpg


$444 $249

July Sale  Save 44%

Metatron's Message $555.jpg


July Sale  Save 44%

$555 $311

CF030554 - Dina Ziskin-Fortune.jpg


This is a channeled painting of my higher self appearing as three galactic divine feminine priestesses. This painting is an expression of oneness and heart opening. You are invited to feel the energy of what it says to you. We are all connected. We are one. We are Divine beings of light. This painting is embedded with high frequency light codes to touch your heart. I invite you to open and to receive the inspiration, to see the love and unity in all of us . 

30"x 40"

Oil on Canvas

$1222 $685

July Sale  Save 44%



Explore your path to empowerment. Book a 75 minute online Akashic medley (including shamanic drumming,  energy reading, clearing, activation, and a channeled message). Add on a channeled painting to complete this amazing service.

Without Painting


With Painting


Crumpled Fabric


Dina will channel guidance and codes to upgrade your blueprint and activate your highest timeline. She is here to assist you with your expansion in your authentic creative expression journey. If you are feeling the call for a creativity upgrade this is the container for you...Let's create the space!

60 Min.


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