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Tarot Reading Class begins May 1, 2022

The next series of the Tarot Reading Classes will still be on Sundays but at 6 pm UK time, and start on Sunday 1st May 2022.

Sessions are recorded so if you can't make a live class, for any reason, you can access the replay within a private Facebook group.

The 10-week course is £100 and will rise with the next round.

This payment may be split down into smaller payments, as long as full payment is made before attending the course.

Please email Kayleigh to discuss.

Each class is 90mins - 2 hours long.

We then set the "homework" (there is no pressure to HAVE to do this) and get a different spread each week.


Kayleigh holds the room open after class to support and guide any interested student who wishes for additional practice.


There are so many layers within this course to apply to Tarot and your own personal practice with it!

Kayleigh touches on timings, astrology, numerology, Jungian, Myers Briggs, Kabbalah, crystals, plants, and color associations.


If you have any queries, please do feel free to reach out!

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