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Tethering is a modality channeled and created by SaiYunaste Co-Captains and Soul Sisters Allison May & Tina Powell.


Tethering is an extremely POWERFUL method that encompasses Soul Language Healing and Activating, Clearing & Cleansing, Aligning, Encoding & Embedding, Dissolving Cords, Past Life & Ancestral Trauma Clearing, Energy Weaving, Contract Amendment & Resolution, Reprogramming, Egregore Removal, Auric Field Cleansing & Reinforcement, and MORE.


In these sessions, we work to fully align and deeply connect you as a direct channel to both Source and Gaia energy, allowing you to soar to new heights in connection with your Higher Self, Personal Team of Guides, and all that is.

We work in unison with our resident Master Soul Coder, Nancy Mitchell, who will channel and craft a personal digital Soul Code for YOU and each one of your main energy centers, and our resident Master Decoder Kayleigh Marie, who dives deep into your personal codes and opens your inner world to your conscience and Lights Your Path.



Tethering the Channel will take place in a Private Facebook Group allowing for connection with Allison, Tina, Nancy, & Kayleigh as well as each other.

Tethering Sessions, though broadcast privately LIVE, will also be available for replay. 


Each week, we work to align, cleanse, expand, activate, and tether one of 10 main energy centers, alternating between highly activating sessions and highly releasing sessions.


These sessions can be HIGHLY emotional and transformational, come with an open mind and open heart! 

Star Cluster



 2023 Tethering the Channel is available in 3-10 Session package options, allowing you to lean in and decide which feels best to you. Tethering Sessions, Soul Codes, and Decodings are available at discounted pricing ONLY for Semi-Private Tethering the Channel  Series.

The Deep Diver - *Best Value*

30% OFF Retail Pricing


10- LIVE Tethering Sessions (see schedule above)

10- Personal Digital Soul Codes

Recorded Decoding Video of Soul Codes 

Private Group Access

Weekly Chakra Meditations

The Expander

20% OFF Retail Pricing


10 - Live Tethering Sessions (see schedule above)

10 - Personal Digital Soul Codes

Private Group Access

Weekly Chakra Meditations


The Explorer


10 - Live Tethering Sessions (see schedule above)

Private Group Access

Weekly Chakra Meditations



Allison May | Tethering 

CEO SaiYunaste, Pellucidity

Allison facilitates Tetherings as a Soul Reiki Master, Energy Weaver, Master Encoder, Soul Language Healer Activator, Catalyst, Channel, and Life Attunement Coach. 


Nancy-Taylor Mitchell | Soul Codes
CEO SaiYunaste, Artcoleptic Master Coder

As a Master Soul Coder, Nancy uses her ability to connect directly with Source and your Higher Self to channel a personal Soul Code directly associated with each one of your energy centers. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.35.59 PM.png

Tina Powell | Tethering
CEO SaiYunaste, 
Cosmic Earth Child

Tina facilitates Tetherings as an Energy Weaver, Master Encoder, Soul Language Healer Activator, Catalyst, Channel, and Spiritual Mentor. 

Kaleigh PINK.jpg

Kayleigh Hopkins | Decoding
SaiYunaste, CEO Magpie Moonchild

As a Master Decoder, Kayleigh works in unison with Nancy’s channeled Soul Codes to deconstruct and brings forward information regarding your Soul’s Path- this could include past lives, innate ability, associations, and MORE! 

As Tethering the Channel is DEEP soul work, we are only accepting 8 beautiful souls on the Journey at this time to ensure that everyone is lovingly held, and has the best experience possible.

Applications for 2023 Tethering the Channel will be accepted until December 14, 2022, to allow time for processing and reviewing.

Payment plan options will be made available on an as-needed basis, if you are feeling the call and may need a bit of assistance as far as payment, please fill out the application and let us know!

Want a to try our collective tethering first? 

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