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My name is Tina. I am a Lightworker, Intuitive Empath, Soul Language Healer and Activator, Channel, Energy Healer, and Empath Mentor on a mission to spread love, light, and unity consciousness.

My greatest mission is to assist others on their spiritual awakening journey. I utilize my connections to all that is to combine energy healing with the universal language of light for an extremely powerful modality in clearing and shifting energy.

Do you feel as though you are out of alignment, in need of a reset, or wish to connect with your own souls language? Are you feeling as though you need some assistance on this journey? Send me a private message and allow me to find the service that will be most beneficial to you at this time.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and am so grateful to be a part of your journey.

Love and Light

***You can also find Tina on TikTok!



Are you ready to step into your abilities, but arent sure where to start? In this Private 1 Hour Recorded Mentorship Session, we will dive right in!


These sessions are approached intuitively, making each one unique- just like you!


Topics covered can include but aren't limited to:

grounding, cleansing, shielding, connecting with your team, tapping into your abilities, working with energy, shadow work, using Soul Language (requires activation prior), and even building a Spiritual business.


Ready to take the plunge and commit? Add 3 additional 1-hour sessions for just $278.

1 hr.




Are you ready to connect with the language of your soul and remember the power you possess? In this private 1 hour Session, I will connect with your higher self and personal team of guides.


I will answer any questions you have, do any clearing, attuning, or calibrating necessary and activate your soul language dialect to have you connecting with yourself on the deepest level!


Add a follow up Private 1 hour practice session for $67.

60-90 min.




Are you ready to experience a deep release? Let's get to the root of the problem!


These sessions will be highly focused on clearing. We will dive into contract amendment, past & current life trauma, shadow removal, karmic debt & ties, ancestral cord & trauma release.


With a heavy focus on the Root, Earth Star, Heart, Sacral, and Solar Plexus, these sessions get right to the core.


*These sessions are highly transformational and can be emotional, providing deep release*

60-90 min.




Are you curious to find out what your innate spiritual gifts and abilities are? In this 1-hour private recorded video session, I will connect with your higher self and personal team to uncover your innate abilities. We will also work through any clearing and activating your team suggests at this time.


*Add on a future 1-hour Private session for $66.*

60-75 minutes




In this private 1-hour reading session, we will dive deep with channeling, oracle cards, and soul language transmissions. I will also do any clearing or energy attunements suggested by your spiritual team.

1 Hr. 




In this private 1-hour energy weaving and soul language healing session, we will dive deep with energy sensing, energy weaving, reiki, chakra balancing and alignment, soul language transmissions, encoding, and embedding to have you feeling clear, cleansed, and aligned.


I will work my way through all of your main energy centers, as well as focus on anything else that you or your spiritual team provide to be of interest.


* This Session can provide deep emotional releasing and healing *

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