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Cosmic Sky

 Women of the Wyrd
Womb Healing & Recalibration
"When a woman is deeply reconnected with her Womb through the Three Gateways, she begins the Sacred Journey of Personal Liberation.  When She becomes the Gatekeeper of Her inner Fire, Her entire life will change.  She begins to find Her Voice, Her Needs, Her Boundaries...
and She is Response-able for Her life and choices." 
~Wyld Lee

Container Opening January 29, 2022

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This is a special cleansing and healing series for Women who wish to reconnect with the magic contained within their womb (even if part/all of your reproductive organs have been removed - you still have a birthright to reconnect with the energetics of the Womb). 


We call forth the intention of purifying and recalibrating you as a Woman: mind, body, heart, and soul!

***This deep soul-level work is available for 6 women only due to the high-touch personal support involved.***

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Kayleigh Hopkins 

In the role of Shadow Dowser, Kayleigh will use her spiritual tools to delve deeply into your shadow. In this first session, you will be held and guided as we navigate the shadows and bring illumination to the areas that are requesting healing.

"We will dive together into the darkness to uncover any seen and unseen wounds that are ready to be released into liberation and transformed into personal power. We will use this sacred sharing as a focus of rebirthing during this immense healing journey, and discover where we can support acceptance and integration." ~Kayleigh

The Integration Weaver_edited.jpg

Wyld Lee

In the role of Integration Weaver, Wyld will use her multitude of modalities and tools to co-create a middle Moon cycle of deep, resonant healing for you as the threads of your shadow are lovingly witnessed and woven back into your soul.

"In this session, compassion for the shadow will be broadened as we recognize the gifts and ways your journey has been crafted by these wounds and their healing...empowered to hold both the shadow and light without judgment; knowing you chose this life exactly as it is...and now you have more power to choose differently moving forward." ~Wyld

The Light Recalibrator_edited.jpg

Allison May

In the role of The Light Recalibrator, Allison will recode and rewire your emotional, mental, and energetic systems, integrating all that has been discovered, honored, felt, and experienced throughout your journey.

"It is time to be reborn! We will join together to clear, cleanse, heal, activate, align, encode and embed all that has transpired during your journey and I will support you throughout this Sacred Rebirthing Ceremony so you may be reBorn into Joy, Wholeness, Power, Magic, and Sovereignty." ~Allison 

- We Three Summon YOU -


The Wyrd....

Great Mystery....



The power of Manifestation, Expansion, and Evolution resides within.

But this power has been hidden from us for centuries.


We all suffer from the DNA wounds of the Witch burnings.


When Women of the Wyrd were shamed and slaughtered because of their Power.


The Power of Intuition, Intimacy, and Instinct.


The Power of Magnetism and Surrender.


The Power of Plants, Nature and Love.


The Wyrd of Gaia herself lies within our portal of life.

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